Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nonplussed--doesn't happen to me often (but it probably should)

Last week, I returned from the Lausanne Laptop Institute in Memphis. This is always one of my favorite conferences when I go--it's well organized, the sessions are long enough not to feel rushed, and the presenters are always prepared and are masters in their areas. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

While at the institute, I live-blogged many of the presentations I attended. One of my blogs caught the attention of the keynote, Jeff Utecht. This is a conference with a pretty lively back channel and I ran into some trouble with monitoring the twitter feed and keeping up with my liveblog. Thank goodness for Bill Campbell @billcamp who stepped in to manage the twitter feed.

I'm working on a post about the value of the backchannel (not yet finished) when I realized that I had more readers of my live blogs (either live or later) of the sessions I attended, including the keynote, than I did attendees at my presentations. I'm a bit nonplussed about this fact. Could it be that I have more to contribute as a reporter than as a presenter?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jeff Utecht The Changing Nature of Communication

Session Summary: Being a leader in the 21st Century means going beyond e-mail and newsletters into the new digital world of communicating with parents and students. Understanding that society today wants information in short and more frequent bursts is the first step in utilizing tools that allow you to communicate using the new web. This presentation demonstrates and discusses the different ways schools and school leaders can harness the power of the Internet to communicate with their school communities

Elizabeth Hellfant at Laptop Institute

Elizabeth Helfant TPACK and SAMR as Evaluative, Unifying, and Goal-Setting Framework.

Monday, July 11, 2011

There's an App for That

Julene Reed, Dir. of Academic Tech., St. George's Indep. School was so good this morning, I thought I'd come back for more!

QR Codes, connecting the physical and digital worlds with Jeff Utecht

I decided this one was too good an opportunity to pass up.


Session on EBooks

Laptop Institute 2011

I'm back at the Laptop Institute at Lausanne this year. I missed the conference last year and it feels great to be back!

Jeff Utecht (@jutecht) is giving the keynote and I'll be liveblogging. . .surprise.